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Kompally the Rising Residential Hub of Hyderabad

Posted by webmaster on March 4, 2022

Hyderabad is one of the fastest growing cities of the world. With 8.47% GDP growth annually, it is at the second place among Indian metropolitan cities. The 360 development of the city-IT hub, Educational sphere, Hospitality infrastructure, Real Estate etc have been the major contributors of this immense progress of the city.

Real estate sector in Hyderabad even during the pandemic downtime have shown exceptional resilience, with  increased  sales in luxury housing, and other segments.  Real estate in Hyderabad was quick to bounce back from the covid impact when compared to other cities.

The resilience and growth projection of Hyderabad’s real estate proves its potential. Some main reasons the investments pull into Hyderabad’s real estate is the high ROI, budget options available, growth potential, excellent infrastructure and connectivity. The government’s support is further propelling the sector. The rapid development of the city has led to extension of the growth concentration from central localities to the budding locations such as Komapally, Tellapur, Bachupally etc.

Kompally is a rising residential hub of Hyderabad with development of various social, educational and hospitality infrastructure. The affordability of real estate and the high growth projections in the near future has made it a favorite choice for the home buyers and investors. Let’s have a deeper look at the various aspects of the developing real estate in the Kompally area.


Located in the northern part of the Hyderabad city, it is just 30 kilometers away from the Gachibowli, the suburb of Hyderabad. Kompally is in the Medchal–Malkajgiri district, and is under the GHMC jurisdiction. Kompally locality is a unique combination of serene nature and modern living facilities. It is a perfect destination for people who want to stay away from the pollution of the city but still enjoy the luxuries and comfort of the city lifestyle. It’s situated beside national highway 44, north–south National Highway, the longest in India. Kompally has a good location advantage with good infrastructure, connectivity, inhabiting all essentials required for a peaceful living.

Plethora of Investments

Kompally area offers a wide variety of investment options to the real estate home buyers and investors. From being the address for a serene farm house, Kompally  transformed into a real estate hub with modern housing facilities. Home buyers and investors can also choose -land, or plots based on their budget and preferences. The area offers exuberant apartments, villas, and individual houses to meet the requirements of home buyers and investors. Kompally rising as a residential hub has also impacted commercial space development. It hosts warehouses, freight and goods businesses and is fast emerging as the logistic hub of Hyderabad.

Promising Future

Kompally location with wonderful residential and commercial developments is attracting more and more home buyers and investors. The affordable prices right now and high growth projections for the near future, investments in the area are gaining traction. Many home buyers and investors plan on purchasing a residential property, commercial space or a plot with a hope of reaping high returns in a few years. The developing commercial spaces, social infrastructure, educational institutions and hospitality sector are all a sign of booming real estate in the locality. These signs for flourishing development in Kompally is attracting home buyers and investors with a promising future.


Kompally area as it is still on the verge of development, offers an affordable living cost for the residents. The cost of living in developing areas is usually lower than developed areas. This makes it more inhabitable for the people looking for affordable stay options. Apart from the cost of living the property/real estate prices are also affordable in the Kompally area. It offers properties starting from as low as 20 lakhs to luxury houses above 1 crore. Kompally accommodates a spectrum of home buyers and investors with different budget preferances by offering, both affordable and luxury properties.

High end Infrastructure

Kompally has good social infrastructure in the locality. Being at a close distance to the IT hub the development of the infrastructure has been rapid. Kompally has a plethora of entertainment options, reputed educational institutes, Malls, Retail spaces, logistics centers ect all at one place. It is home to many schools, and many engineering colleges are located at a close distance from this area. The healthcare segment is also well developed in this area with establishments of some reputed hospitals. The overall social, entertainment, and hospitality sectors are emerging everyday, leading to the development of this locality.

Commute Options

Kompally is well connected to all major areas of Hyderabad through ORR. It is also connected to Secunderabad through NH 7 which is only 10 kms away. It has good availability of RTC busses, autos and also cab services. Railway station is at Bolarum which is 4 kilometers away and is one of the prominent commute options in kompally. Metro station is 5kms away from the area, it is the KPHB Colony Metro Station. The private commute options such as autos and cabs are available at all times ensuring easy travel to various parts of the city.

Why Kompally for Real Estate Property?

Kompally is definitely one of the best investment options for the real estate home buyers and investors right now. The future growth prospects are excellent. According to a leading property consultant the average prices in the Kompally area range between  Rs. 2,667 to Rs. 8,500. Home buyers and investors can find profitable investment options right from gated communities, to villas, apartments and individual houses according to their budget. Many properties are yet to be constructed in this area by some of the leading builders. Hence it is even easy to scout for a good property of your choice. Keeping in mind the various benefits and choices available, now is the right time to grab a real estate deal in Kompally.

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