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10 Benefits of Living in Gated Communities

Posted by webmaster on March 4, 2022

Life In Gated Communities

Humans are social beings. The community aspect of the housing brings in a sense of belonging, security and happiness to people living in it. Gated communities are a new trend in the housing sector owing to the different benefits they offer. Gated communities are housing spaces that are surrounded by a boundary wall with a gate, which is equipped with security and vigilance.

The gated community concept is widely loved by people and there has been a significant rise of this housing segment since inception. Though the concept is not new, the modern twist to communal living, with amenities and facilities has made this concept popular. Residents in gated communities enjoy the privacy, along with being able to connect with the community of like minded people.

10 Benefits of Living in Gated Communities

Benefits of gated communities extend beyond just the housing factors and  impact the lifestyle, peace and health of the residents. Being one of the sought after housing spaces, gated communities also offer the most sorted lifestyle.  Here are 11 benefits of living in gated communities. ​​

 Safety & Security

Gated communities are known for the privacy that they offer. 24/7 security available in the gated communities is a key factor that attracts the people. The access to the community is restricted only to the residents and the guests they allow. Hence this ensures no outsider can enter the community without the notice of the management, ensuring the safety of the residents. Even if the residents stay away from their house for some days , they can do so with peace as the security is ensured in gated communities at all times. Gated communities have  executives dedicated to keep a check of entry and exit, CCTV installations, video phone doors, intercoms, to maintain the security and safety of the residents.

● Communal spaces

Communal spaces are fun places inside the communities that are free to access by the residents or they have to pay a nominal fee for using them sometimes. Communal spaces such as amphitheater, club house, parks, spa, Gym, indoor sports stadium, auditorium, banquet hall etc allow the residents to enjoy without actually stepping out of the community. Communal spaces are a big decision making factor for people living in gated communities.

● Green environment

Gated communities have dedicated green spaces such as parks, walk tracks, lawn, or gardens. The idea is to incorporate greenery in gated communities to accommodate an eco-friendly and peaceful environment. Most people prefer to have greenery in their surroundings and like to stroll in the evenings and leisure. This feature of the gated communities is loved by residents. 

● Sense of community

Another unbeatable feature of the gated communities is the community itself. The sense of togetherNESS is established as many families live within the same boundaries and share the communal spaces. This creates easy socializing and harmony among the residents.Various events and programs are held during the festivals which give a chance to celebrate with the other community members. People are given a chance to socialize organically in the gated communities

● Communal activities

Gated communities have regular parties, events, and celebrations during festivals. People get a chance to enjoy and have fun as a community through these events. These activities help in socializing, by meeting like minded people in the community. People join together for sports events, celebrating festivals, get-together parties, and other fun activities. This way people connect with each other and build trust and sense of belonging in the gated communities

● Holistic Lifestyle

Gated communities offer a 360 degree holistic lifestyle to its residents. These also offer everything within the community such as schools, malls, supermarkets, fitness centers, beauty salons, and entertainment options. This helps the residents to have a complete life without the hassle of stepping out of the community. Gated communities offer amenities that support health and wellbeing such as gym, swimming pool etc. The greenery around, and in-house amenities such as gym, swimming pool, sport grounds, etc also help in  improving health and fitness. This way the gated communities support holistic lifestyle.

● Controlled Access

The 24/7 security and vigilance maintained in the gated communities allow them to completely control who enters and leaves the community. CCTV surveillance allows even the residents to check on what is happening in the community through their mobile phone.  The community management also records each and every detail about the people that are entering the community which brings in the accountability. This way the residents are assured safety in the community and the management has the control over who, when and why a person is entering the community premises.

● High end amenities

As mentioned, gated communities host everything required for a comfortable living within the community. The residents have exclusive access to all the infrastructure such as the communal spaces, food courts, fitness centers etc. High end amenities such as club house, amphitheater, banquet hall, sports arena etc are also available in the gated communities which are available within the community.

● High capital appreciation

Location, amenities, and builder reputation play an important role in valuation of a house. Properties in gated communities that are located in prime locations of major cities that are constructed by reputed builders appreciate very well. People who purchase properties with an aim of selling it for profit, gated communities can be a great choice. Even for investment purposes gated communities are suitable with good capital appreciation. 

● Hassle free maintenance

Unlike the regular housing choices, in gated communities everything is managed and maintained by the community management. This relieves people from the burden of worrying about the property maintenance. Regular maintenance by professionals also allows the community to be clean and attractive at all times. The better the property, the better property value.

Gated communities are the age old concepts with the modern facilities that support luxury living. The perks of living in gated communities are many and if you are fan of comfortable living with privacy and greenery, then gated communities are a good go. Ensure, good location, reputed builder and essential amenities in the gated community to ensure luxury living along with good capital appreciation

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