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Want to own a home in Hyderabad – Here’s everything you need to know

Posted by webmaster on May 27, 2021

Hyderabad, the city with rich heritage and culture is one of the fastest growing cities of the world. This city is the home for many globally renowned companies and the IT hub in Hyderabad is known for its technological advancements. Apart from this one other sector which has been performing exceptionally well is the Real estate industry. The resilience shown by this sector even during the covid situations has been commendable.

Development across sectors like healthcare, pharma, ITs, transportation and connectivity also have directly and indirectly propelled the growth of the realty market. With excellent infrastructural development to support all spheres of modern living, and positive projection for further growth of the real estate sector, buying a home in Hyderabad seems to be a smart choice. If you are planning to buy a home in Hyderabad as well, here’s everything you need to know:

Quality of life

Hyderabad is a metropolitan city with an awesome 360 degree development across different spheres of life. Establishment of top notch educational institutions, healthcare and hospitality infrastructure attracted the inhabitants offering a good lifestyle. Entertainment options, business parks, shopping malls, parks, present in the city offer the inhabitants a modern city life. Especially the work opportunities here are increasing exponentially as more and more companies establish their presence in the city. Many globally renowned companies have their headquarters in Hyderabad. The promising work opportunities, and good infrastructure supporting the quality lifestyle, Hyderabad is surely a city to live your dream.

Upcoming areas and new locations

With the increasing migrations to the city due lucrative work opportunities the city is constantly expanding to accommodate all. Due to this the city limits are being expanded. The Telangana state government is also actively taking measures to disperse the growth of the city to different zones. By incentivizing the establishment of IT hubs, educational institutions through government policies, the government is trying to spread the growth into the North and East regions. As a result areas like Kompally, Tellapur etc are witnessing rapid development. Real estate buyers in these regions will have first mover advantages and will also experience high growth in the coming years. As these are new locations there is a lot of scope for development and hence homebuyers can take advantage of this by purchasing property in these areas.

Affordability and diverse budget options

Real estate buying or investing involves a considerably large amount of money. However you can find something within your budget in Hyderabad. From lavish villas to compact apartments homebuyers can find an option according to their preference. Since the city is developing at a faster pace and expanding its city limits, buyers have a chance to buy real estate in the new locations at an affordable price which has a potential to grow exponentially. Hyderabad is known for real estate with reasonable prices. However due to high foreign investments the land and properties prices are set to gradually rise. Now is the right time to invest in real  estate or buy a home to bag an asset at a good price.

Excellent connectivity and commute options

Hyderabad has good connectivity and a plethora of transportation options. It is a metropolitan city with a well connected metro to every corner of the city. The government takes constant efforts to solve the traffic issue by strategic planning of link roads, flyovers etc. The city’s public transport is well developed and you can find a commute option available to every corner of the city. Private cabs, autos are available at all hours which assures the inhabitants of the city hassle free travel at any time. Hyderabad’s outer ring road is well connected to the major national highways which significantly reduces the commute time. All these efforts taken by the government to ensure good connectivity of the city stand as a huge plus point for the inhabitants of the city. Real estate home buyers and investors benefit highly with the improvement and development of the connectivity as the property prices are positively impacted with these changes.

Prospective market with good capital appreciation

The Realty sector in Hyderabad has performed exceptionally over the years. The reports issued by leading property consultants like JLL, cushman & wakefield etc establish the prospective future of this sector in the city. Even during the pandemic where most cities struggled with the demand and supply disruptions, the Hyderabad luxury real estate properties saw a spike. The affordable and mid level housing segments are also a part of the growth story of Hyderabad’s real estate. The growth of the overall sector promises good capital appreciation of the properties due to high demand. Homebuyers can enjoy good capital appreciation by owning a home in Hyderabad.

Hyderabad’s real estate sector is really a golden investment opportunity. For homebuyers or investors real estate in Hyderabad can be a good choice to build wealth. If you are planning to buy a home in Hyderabad make sure to understand all the legal, and financial process it includes. Apart from these, the above mentioned are a few things that you can  expect if you are planning to buy a home in Hyderabad. All in all buying a home in Hyderabad can be a smart move if you want to own an asset in the fastest growing cities of the world which has positive growth projections in the coming future.

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