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Skyhigh – The NRIs haven for Luxury living, and high ROI

Posted by webmaster on May 27, 2021

NRIs always seek promising investment opportunities in India. Real Estate over the years continues to be their favourite. Indian Real Estate market can truly be a high yielding investment option that can support the NRI goals and aspirations. A little strategy, plan and knowledge about real estate can be of great help for the NRIs. The endless investment avenues in real estate over a range of budget options often leave NRIs confused on their investment decisions.

The luxury segment has been loved immensely by the NRIs for some years.  The benefits offered by the luxury real estate properties and the high ROI can be regarded as two prominent reasons. Especially the metropolitan cities  like Hyderabad, Delhi, Bangalore and Chennai have witnessed the influx of investments for luxury real estate.

Skyhigh- A luxury adobe in the heart of Hyderabad

Skyhigh is a premium gated community located in a posh residential area of Hyderabad- Jubilee Hills. With excellent in-house amenities, location advantage and extraordinary lifestyle Skyhigh is an address for luxury. The magnificent apartments with intricate detailing and high quality features spaciously built to reflect the grandeur life that Skyhigh offers. The high-end Privacy and comfort make life secure and safe along with being extraordinary.

Sky high hosts all the necessary amenities that are necessary for leading a hassle free life in-house.  A 5-star Club house with spectacular ambience that makes celebrating life much more accessible and easy. An array of indoor and outdoor games for making fitness enjoyable. Badminton court, basketball court, squash, gymnasium, jogging track are a great way to keep physical health in check for the residents. The exclusive swimming pool, amphitheater, and recreational facilities to fill the weekends with fun and entertainment.

Why is Sky High the right choice for investing?

Skyhigh proves a wonderful community for staying in, but how profitable is it?.NRIs often purchase a property as not just an option for living but also for making a profit on it. Apart from making up for a comfortable stay at Skyhigh also is an unmissable opportunity for investing.

Here are few reasons that make Skyhigh the best option for investing for NRIs

High Demand

Luxury properties are in high demand in India. Even during the pandemic when the sales of real estate was on brief pause the sales in the luxury segment continued. People now due to a shift in lifestyle due to the pandemic are in search for 3 and 4 bhk luxury apartments that facilitate the work from home modules comfortably. Hence the demand for the luxury homes like Sky high is in excellent demand, which makes it an attractive sector to invest in for the NRIs.

Good capital appreciation

Properties in location, amenities and features usually have good yearly appreciation. Capital appreciation also depends on the demand factor and in localities with high demand properties usually shell out more when sold. Located in Jubilee hill, one of the most exclusive addresses of Hyderabad, Sky high is definitely a catch for the investment. The luxury housing segment is concentrated in Jubilee hills and these properties are in huge demand. Shy high proves to have a good capital appreciation making it suitable for investing.

Portfolio diversification

Residential properties are an age-old investment option for many NRIs, however the emerging segments like luxury housing can be a great choice for investing. The secure returns, good capital appreciation and budget options of the luxury real estate segment make it worth being a part of the investment portfolio.

Heirloom property

Most NRIs purchase properties as part of their retirement planning for settling back in India. These properties usually become the part of the heirloom property and passed on to the generations. Hence the quality, features and credibility of luxury property have to be carefully assessed and evaluated for making a right choice. The intricacy of the architecture and the thoughtfully designed spaces make the Sky high an apt choice for investing which can be passed on to the next generations.

Best returns in long term

Rental returns are some of the most reliable ways to build wealth in the long run. NRIs who choose to rent out the property can also earn high rental income considering the high end amenities and features offered. The rental income from the luxury real estate properties is usually high compared to the general residential properties.

Luxury properties like Sky high can surely support a high end lifestyle but the potential of these properties as investment vehicles is also immense. Choosing the right property in a right location and proper maintenance will help in making good profits on your investment. These properties also can be a great wealth when passed on to the next generations. The excellent amenities and intricate detail all add up to an extraordinary life. Invest in Sky high today!

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